The Higher Note - 2022
A singing-loving crane who doesn't fit in desperately tries to find the one that can understand him. 
Family Politics - 2022
In an alien family household in the near future, a conversation goes south when the older kid Daze moves back to their hometown.
Dad's Hibiscus - 2021
10-year-old Sammie tries to make the sun stay in the sky in order to save the flower that only lives for one day.
Summer Odyssey - 2019
Teenage city girl Shane reconnects with her family in the country after her mom passes. With her cousins Dex, Jett and Owen, she goes on various adventures in the magic-dwelled village and experiences the loss and longing of teenage years. Intended for a TV series.
GHOST - 2019
In a dystopian society, poor teenage boy Chen Sheng who is faced with a life-or-death dilemma teams up with a double spy known as Ghost and plots a revolution.
Spacing Out - 2019
Inspired by my experience of living alone, the film explores depression and loneliness through the conversation between the protagonist and her spirit.
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