Microsoft Clarity
This is a project I did during my freelance at Laundry. Microsoft Clarity (Microsoft's online website managing platform) wanted to have some animal companions on their interface to engage the users and tasked us with these short animations. We had to balance the cuteness and sophistication of the characters' performance, and the design's simplicity and dimension to fit our client's brand. I was responsible for all of the steps of the animations shown below (roughs, flat colors, shading, and compositing).
Client: Microsoft Clarity; Produced by: Laundry Design LLC; Creative Director: Brian Covalt; Character Design: Sarah Beth Morgan.
Bruno fishing out of the ice for the "There's nothing here" empty area.
Finnick walks up to a UI element, then turns around and leaves.
Bruno walks across the page, stops, looks at the user, then continues on.
Animation Process
Finnick interacts with UI elements.
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