TikTok - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
I was thrilled to get the invitation to animate several shots for this Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics promotional animation, sponsored by TikTok and produced by Vela Animation. The shots I was given featured freestyle skier Eileen Gu. I had never heard of Eileen nor was I familiar with winter sports at all, so before I started animating, I spent hours watching her competition footage and trying to understand the movements and felt that I came to know her in a way. I once again felt thankful for my occupation as an animator for I could feel the cold wind blowing on my face and the thrill of racing down the snow hill all from sitting behind my screen. I had later on come to pay extra attention to Eileen's Olympics agenda and cheered her on for her competitions as if I was a proud mother.
The shot below is the most complex shot from my tasks. Rough animation & clean-up done by me. See the whole thing here!
Client: TikTok; Produced by: Animoon Studio; Creative Director: Hanxu Chen.
Animation Process
Colored and composited by Animoon Studio.
Other shots I participated in:
Hair & Cloth Animation. Roughs, clean-up and color.
BG Animation (tunnel, ground, and door)
BG Animation (frozen lake)
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